Routine Redux #sol19

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 5.47.55 AMRoutine Redux:  Reunion Day #sol19

March 15, 2019

We wake predawn… 3 a.m.  Coffee is dripping through the pot in the kitchen.  The sound is comforting.  I know that if I can get through the next ten minutes,  a cup will be the reward.  Clothes laid out in the bathroom to minimize the wake up of others.  Lunch in the refrigerator.  Teacher bag packed.  Quick shower.  Have to have a quick shower.  As I dry my hair,  I look through the agenda I downloaded yesterday thinking about what I might go to.  What if I finally connect with my Connecticut friends too?

Check the time and put it into high gear.  Have to be at the meeting point by 3:30.  Quietly out the door.  Bob will take you out later Lily when it’s really time to get up.  She looks at me accusingly.  Dark on the steps.  Dark on the walk.  Dark in the garage.  Dark on the driveway.  Dark on the street.  All the roads are empty and dark as I drive to the meeting place.

Usually first, I wait in the quiet car.  Whose turn is it to drive?  Oh, mine. I check the seats, the floor.  All fine.  Gas and car wash the day before.  The car fills with Pandora, a yoga music station.  The lull.  Lights illuminate the car and she is there.   She opens her door, grabs her bags, her water bottle.  She leans over as she opens the car door and smiles a tired  smile at me.   She stretches her long legs into the small car.  She never adjusts the seat.  Sometimes I remember to stretch it back for her before she arrives.

We laugh for a moment about how sometimes we go some other random way that the GPS takes us, missing the Merritt all together.  Where is the first Starbucks?  Hartford?!?

And then… the words start pouring out.  In the darken car, in the long hours, we talk. Talk.  This is almost the best part.

9 thoughts on “Routine Redux #sol19

  1. The repetition of dark really helps the reader to be right beside you that morning. And at the end, the awakening of joy and companionship once you begin to talk in the car– great! My plan to attend Saturday Reunion may be dashed, as I have a sickness in my family. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I can’t wait to live vicariously through everyone attending tomorrow! Missouri is sadly way too far to drive. I love the tone of this piece–you can tell how much you value you what you’re doing and the people who learn beside you. Soak up every moment of learning! Safe travels!

  3. Today, I read your slices out of order. Before this came the one about your coaching session, which makes a nod towards readiness. This slice’sbr detail-crammed picture of what readiness entails is an understated beauty.

  4. I love the way you capture the early morning excitement of a voyage to a Saturday reunion with a friend. We drove in (although leaving quite a bit later in the morning) as a group and had such fun talking and planning sessions on the way. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you this time. Let’s keep trying!

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