Friday Follow: Twitterverse #sol19

For the month of March , I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge (#sol19) sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. I will be slicing each day for 31 days inspired by my work as a literacy specialist and coach, my life, and my fellow bloggers.
Friday Follow:  Twitterverse  #sol19

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 7.09.33 AMAs a literacy coach,  I am often creating my own professional development on the fly based on what I think might be helpful to my learning community or things that I seek to make a closer connection to through deeper thinking.  However,  there are only so many hours in one day.  Twitter is my first web-based learning tool.  As you can see,  I joined twitter in 2009.  I was trying to remember what caused me to join.  I think I must have attended a professional development at that time that encouraged me to follow authors and speakers that I learned from.   While twitter can be maligned,  I find that when I limit my content to the people I follow,  twitter can be a wonderful place to find information, to read quick articles or see examples of work with students, and finally,  to showcase ideas that you have or amazing things you have seen.

This weekend I will be attending the TCRWP Reunion.  I know I will add some twitter follows to my twitter page anticipating that those tweets that will teach me more.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.55.54 PM

My twitter is mostly based in my professional life, except for the occasional passion following like @suethetrex, based in the Field Museum in Chicago.  I follow staff developers at TCRWP like @clemenkat to learn the latest in what she’s seeing and working on in literacy.  I follow my blogging pals because most of us connect our blog to our twitter feed.  There is a sharing element in your blog construct where you can have your published blog posted simultaneously on your platform and on twitter.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.37.31 PM.pngMost days I carry a camera around with me to my collaboration meetings, intervention times, co-teaching moments.  As I pass down the hall,  I snap a picture of an art project.  As I visit a classroom,  I take a picture of work that students are doing. These pictures make it to my twitter page to celebrate student and their teacher’s work.  This is a way to showcase what the teachers in my building are doing that is so right for students.  Here is one example from this week of a kindergarten class in the persuasion unit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.42.00 PMI learn from twitter.  I can read blogs, follow teachers, staff developers, authors, fellow writers.  I use the hashtag #smktwitternotebook so I can quickly find posts that I want to keep.  You can also save photos from twitter to your photos.  Most of the tweets I save this way are curriculum related.

Over nine years,  there have been many tweets read, sent, contemplated, and saved. #twitterlove




















3 thoughts on “Friday Follow: Twitterverse #sol19

  1. “While twitter can be maligned, I find that when I limit my content to the people I follow, twitter can be a wonderful place ” YES! This is EXACTLY how I use it! I so wish I was going to TC this weekend but my family is finally, finally all together to go skiing together so we are headed north for family time on the slopes! I’ll learn from all your tweets! Thanks for sharing!

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