Friday 1:15 PM #sol19

Friday 1:15 PM #sol19

March 13, 2019


IMG_3689Every Friday  I have a date with my very exclusive book club.

Sometimes I am a better member than other.

Like last Friday…  Last Friday, I showed up fifteen minutes late empty-handed.

My book club doesn’t mind.  He gives me the same greeting whether I am on-time, missed a week, have books with me or not… Big broad smile.

We formed this book club in the fall.  We had had a more formal daily standing date in his room with his friends for an hour every day last year.  But this year,  we made a decision together to try this idea out.   Once a week,  we get together.  We discuss books we’ve read.  We recommend books to each other.  He takes 3-4 home with him for the week.

Week in and week out.

What he doesn’t know is that I spend the week in between scouring Amazon,  the library, my collection,  the literacy collection, and friends for just the right books to have casually available in that blue bin waiting on my shelf.

The bin has a sticky note on the front loosely hanging with purple flair words written with his name and 1:15 Friday.

1:15 pm  Friday.   I say  you’re a tough guy to find a book for.

He laughs and tells me about this week’s books.  This book about George Washington Carver was fascinating.  Did you know that he invented peanut butter.  Peanut Butter.  And all of these other uses for peanut butter.  See?  And this book,  this book was fascinating too.  Look at this picture!  He shuffles to the next book in his stack.  Can I keep this book another week?  I just started it and its really good.  

I bring out the blue bin and offer up some new biographies freshly snatched from the shelves of Barnes and Noble.  We are all done with biography now.  We are moving on to books with Characters.  

How about this?  

You know I don’t like super heroes.  Too busy.  

I am having a harder time finding books for you where there are boys for the main character. 

I will read books about girls or boys or whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  They are all characters.  

Lesson taught in the book club today.

Not by me.


15 thoughts on “Friday 1:15 PM #sol19

  1. I love this and I love that I can hear your voice in this slice. You captured voice beautifully. I can see your smile and his as I read it. Lesson learned … it’s the truth most days. When we take the time and create the space to listen to them, they always teach us more than we teach them. This is a great idea – so simple and so powerful at the same time. Thank you for sharing it today.

  2. A small, special relationship captured in the back-and-forth of this slice. What I’m wondering: How will the responsibility you shoulder in this duet shift next to increase this reader’s self-propulsion? (I notice, for example, one step already in how a daily chat now occurs weekly — a decision you two made mutually.)

    • What do you think? I was thinking he would just by hen he thought he needed any assistance finding a new book or wants to chat about one. He also has his teacher available to chat about books that he reads in class. This was designed to help,his mom provide good reading material.

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