Routine #1 #sol19

For the month of March , I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge (#sol19) sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. I will be slicing each day for 31 days inspired by my work as a literacy specialist and coach, my life, and my fellow bloggers.

Routine #1 #sol19

March 12, 2019

morning routine #1

Morning Routine #1

“Come on,  Lily.  Outside,” I call to no answer.  Walking down the hall I call again, “Outside!”  Still nothing.  I peak over the top of the couch and a pair of dark brown look up at me.  “Let’s go, right now, outside.”

Reluctant feet hit the floor with two thuds.

I am waiting at the door.

Out we trudge.

Already thinking and stewing about the day ahead, I walk to the edge of the sidewalk and turn the corner.  I hear the sound of feet breaking through the crusty snow.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

My gaze looks beyond the yard to the sun breaking through on the horizon.

For a moment, I think about its beauty.  Where else is there that shade of red mixed with the soft blue of the receding night.  For a moment, I am transfixed.

Then the day begins to encroach.

First the gentle trill of birds. Are there birds returning?  

Then I begin to hear traffic.  Cars moving along a nearby road and

I am shaken back into the swirl of daily cares.

“Come on,  Lily.   I have to get to work.”

Gentle steps crunch through the snow and back onto the walk.  I have already turned but I hear the soft jingle of her jewelry as she follows behind.

This is our routine.

10 thoughts on “Routine #1 #sol19

  1. Wonderful account of your morning routine. I love the sound created in my mind by the “jingle of her jewelry”.

  2. Love this line: “I am shaken back into the swirl of daily cares.” Such a beautiful way to describe how I feel each morning… waking with a blank pallet and optimism for the day, only to be have my brain wake up and “shake me into daily cares.” Love this small moment slice so much. Thank you!

  3. I’m so intrigued by the way you move from just a routine to observing the incredible glory in the world, and then back to the routine. It makes me wish that we all could just have time when we didn’t have to come back in…time when we could observe the world and just enjoy it.

  4. Your slice today is more than just a recounting of a routine. It brings us into your morning life with all of its attention to detail, the crunch of the snow, the sounds of traffic, the beauty of the morning, and my favorite, “her jewelry.”

  5. Great description of a morning routine – unique! I love the appeal to the senses – the sounds and I can feel the cold of the snow and the morning. Your poetic pause as your senses take in the colors of the sky and sounds of birds – then transitioning back to the day ahead of you is simple and very effective. Ah, to linger for another moment….

  6. This … For a moment, I think about its beauty. Where else is there that shade of red mixed with the soft blue of the receding night. For a moment, I am transfixed. is why I run at dawn. Several days a week we stop mid-stride to just appreciate the site, our life, our friendship, our health, and the wonder of our world. Thank you for sharing your moment –no better way to start the day. I just came home from a walk with my dog and husband – we were in awe of a beautiful sunset.

  7. Sharply noted sensory details throughout. (Nothing like sun’s colors at rise or set, is there?) Your noticing powers are on display in this slice, and I thank your pooch Lily for the part she plays.

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