Shoelace Philosophy #sol19

For the month of March , I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge (#sol19) sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. I will be slicing each day for 31 days inspired by my work as a literacy specialist and coach, my life, and my fellow bloggers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 5.20.36 PMShoelace Philosophy #sol19

March 10, 2019

A conversation between the Kennedys where I attempt to use Darin Johnston’s # genius

Typical Saturday Morning at the Kennedy’s.  Mr. K is watching something on TV and I am running around doing this and that.

Mr. K calls from the couch, We need something to replace shoelaces?  Your basic shoelaces won’t work?  We need these Hickie things?  


Coming in to the room, I say as someone who has discussed shoelaces and shoe tying daily for the last thirty eight or so years, I’m all for something that keeps shoes tied.  

Then I think about shoelaces and so many discussions about shoelaces.


Yes, that’s right.  When velcro first gained popularity, many were worried that students who didn’t practice shoe tying would lose manual dexterity,  eye- coordination, self-care and then not be able to develop all the skills needed to develop beautiful penmanship.


Then velcro ran its course and students went back to shoelaces… which are either hard to tie, slippery and untie, or just aren’t tied.  This led to me and, I believe, others to constantly saying Stop and tie your shoes. Do you need help with those laces? 


So there you have it folks, civilization as we know it hangs on the balance of students learning how to tie shoes. So I ask you, Do we need a replacement for shoelaces?  








18 thoughts on “Shoelace Philosophy #sol19

  1. My daughter’s life would be simpler if Velcro were still acceptable in second grade. Alas, she know how to tie her shoes, but the laces are always coming undone if I don’t double knot them.

    Love the way the hashtags served as summations in this post!

  2. I was literally laughing into the silence of the morning at the first #!!! I agree with every point you make! I think parents need to take more time to actually TEACH their children how to tie! It’s a life skill! #structureworkedbrilliantly Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your hashtags are great even if #darindoesit better.
    All the talk about what ruins kids drives me nuts. So many theories, so little research.
    When I’m at the gym, I have to stop at least once to re-tie my shoes! And I’m 70+.

  4. This is so clever. Yes, shoelaces connect to handwriting the way hemlines are supposed to connect to the stock market. I will say that I spend a lot of my time at school worrying about the students who are running up and down the stairs with their shoelaces untied and flying all over the place! They don’t fall. I probably would.

  5. 40 years in elementary school and I HATE SHOELACES – the untying, the tying, the knots, the I can do it myselfs, the it doesn’t matter, the you will fall down the stairs – ALL.
    I always figured that SOME DAY,maybe in my lifetime, laces would be extinct!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m still a fan of velcro. Why make things complicated on purpose? What about ties AND a zipper? Of course this is coming from someone constantly yearning for simpler times, without smartphones, for example…my stance makes no sense.

  7. This is so true!!! I tell my students to tie their shoelaces all day long. It bugs me, and I come to realize shoelaces are an annoyance to them. Deep down, i think, if you are going to wear shoes with shoelaces, please learn to tie them…otherwise wear the other kind. Kind of like wearing a tie to work and just letting hang loose over your neck…it doesn’t make sense. 😉

  8. Love this hilarious rant. After reading it and the comments, I do believe the rant could #goonforever. Now I must go to Darin’s post. The “hashtag” form is perfect.

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