March Warm Up #sol19

31-day-streak-with-borderMarch Warm Up #sol19

February 28, 2019

I sat down this morning to prewrite my blog for tomorrow, however traditionally our first blog of March is a kick off to introduce our blog to others or talk about our plan for our March writing.  I have a different plan for my Friday blogs during this month, so I thought I might write today about my plan.  It’s in the front of my mind and I can’t get my Friday blog out until I clear it out of the way.  (LOL)

This is my third year of the 31 day writing streak.  It seem extreme to say it is life-changing, but really it is.  Not only have a developed a real writing habit, but it’s change the way I see writing instruction and writing in general.  Perhaps predictably,  I never really saw myself as a writer.  Encouraged by a thoughtful mentor to write about my practice in a greater PLN,  I began blogging three years ago by jumping right into the month long challenge.  While the writing has been so helpful to my practice, allowing me to consider my OLW more carefully, examine practice, and definitely become more observant of my greater world,  the greatest gift I received was the companionship with my fellow slicers.  In a core group of 6-12 slicers who I feel I have a writing relationship with through our blogs,  I have discussed practice, next steps, tough times, and celebrated triumphs.  These core bloggers,  along with many other blogs I follow now,  have taught me about resources I wouldn’t have found, practices I might not have tried, perspectives I might not have consider, and endless lessons gently taught by caring writers with similar sensibilities.

I honestly am not sure about my methods from the last two years.  I know my first year I prewrote blogs and kept them in a folder in my google drive.  In both years, following a suggestion by many,  I keep a blog fodder journal, which is always filled with ideas I hope to write long about sometime in the near future.  This is a great way to try out a my blog journaltechnique I am often suggestion to students of keeping a place for writing ideas to forego the I don’t know what to write about.  That lesson alone has been so beneficial to me, both in giving me ideas to come back to and also to teach me to notice and consider many, many things that I might have noticed at the time and never given deep thought.  I show it to you now because it is an absolute mess filled with coffee stained notes I shoved into my handbag, notes quickly jotted in the car from something I read, stickies written during a chat or a show when a random thought occurred to me and… a few carefully constructed ideas.  Perhaps this is where I emphatically tell you that a) you can do a better job than me and b) if you don’t,  it doesn’t matter because this is a forgiving audience with a just go for it attitude.   My own darling chief welcome wagon encourager is still writing me a response each week even when my blogs are again a hot mess.  He is an amazing writer with tight well constructed thoughts whereas you can see I am a wordy rambler sometimes. most times

This year’s plan is to have a theme(like) for each day of the week, so that I know what type of writing I am going to do that day:  book reviews, follows, regular slices and a few other ideas.  If you new and reading this,  I suggest you read A LOT of blogs this week going back into archives of ones that resonate with you to see their style and subject matter.

To my long time writing friends,  I can’t wait to read what you write each day.  To myself,  you can do this!   See you in there.


I am writing every day for the next 31!  Here’s to day 1.  Thanks to all of the Slicers and especially Stacey, Jcareyreads, ebgriffin, dmsherriff, Brian Rosinsky, Clare Landrigan, and many others for nuturing my writing and being my PLN away from home.

13 thoughts on “March Warm Up #sol19

  1. This community is a gift and I’d also call it life changing. I am excited to see your plans for each day… I’m impressed. I may have to steal an idea or two because I’m just jumping in! Here’s to year three!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of your journal – THAT embodies a writers life, a writers mind! It is not about perfection and publication-it’s about the thinking and sharing that thinking with others so that we can can begin to know each other! I am beyond thankful that I have gotten to know you through our blogs! I admire your writing, your thinking, your struggles, your feedback, your successes – I admire YOU! Thank you so much for always sharing! Here’s to March and YOU!

  3. I’m absolutely in love with your journal! I’m looking forward to reading your posts this month and seeing how your themes develop over the next 31 days!

  4. Looking forward to seeing where your themes take you! Personally, I cannot hardly plan a week in advance, let alone a month! 🙂 I will be encouraged by your example, and learn from it! 🙂 . Enjoy your writing, I know I will!

  5. This is year 4 for me. I almost didn’t but couldn’t stand missing out. I think I’m least organized this year. Here’s to 30 more days!

  6. This statement really resonates with me- “It seem extreme to say it is life-changing, but really it is”
    This challenge has changed my life. So glad you are back for year 3! I like your reflections about the process.

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