One Little Word #sol19

img_0254One Little Word #sol19

January 8, 2019

I began choosing one little word the year my physical world got shaken like a snow globe and suddenly almost everything about my every day changed.  That one little word in 2010, possible,  helped me remember my inherent optimism.  It helped me persevere, another year’s word,  in the midst of enormous change.  So I stuck to this little word idea for all these years mostly in silence.  Then I began to blog and my little word became a thread through my blogs. Last year’s word, notice, centered my practice and guided me like a mentor through the questions and the work.

As many have said, choosing a one word can be dicey.  Many pop up and roll around on your tongue and through your consciousness. They are like a beautiful dress on a mannequin, striking, but when I try them on, just not right for me, right now.  Some I’ve come back to in a different year where they fit more perfectly,  others I’ve left behind.

This year’s struggle was the same.  Quite a few came through in December, but grief and struggle pushed them aside this year.  Until I saw one picture.  The picture wasn’t necessarily connected to my work, though it did have a school bus, but the idea it represented, that idea wrapped around me like the perfect sweater, reflection.

unnamedI began to research my idea of reflection.  As a blogger, I consider myself to be fairly reflective or is it just thoughtful?  And I saw this quote.  We do not learn from experience… We learn from reflecting on experience.  So many experiences, so many attempts, so much noticing, but what we really learn from is reflection.

So this year, I’m going to carve out time to reflect. One definition of reflect says to throw back without absorbing it in the way that the puddles on the road reflect the sun.  I wish to reflect others’ amazing work, drawing attention to its strength, innovation, and thoughtfulness.  Showing them their amazing feats, be it students or colleagues or passersby.  That’s what last year’s word, noticing, taught me, the act of noticing gives things power.

I also want to be personal in my reflection, think deeply and carefully about things.  I’m often in a rush, think quickly and act quickly.  It’s a big school and a busy day.  Reflection works at both ends of an act.  To reflect prior to acting gives space.  Space for others and moments for the ideas to form more fully. Reflection after can be a celebration of all that was.  Reflection can be space to contemplate what comes next.   Reflection can be a consideration of change, adapting, or enhancing.

So here’s to a year of careful consideration, reflection.


Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.32.28 AMThank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this amazing space for careful considerations,  read so many more one little words and reflections here.

12 thoughts on “One Little Word #sol19

  1. I have chosen a word for the year for the last 6 years. I agree, some years the words seem to stick right away and come to me on the wind of inspiration and sometimes they keep changing. This year I was sure at the beginning of December that I had it – then another word came crashing in demanding it be heard! My word for 2019 is CONNECT. I am so thankful to connect with you through Two Writing Teachers!

  2. One word: -thanks——-thanks for a wonderful start to my morning . Your SOL inspired me . My first One Word easily slipped into place . Tolerance— for myself, for my neighbors and friends and for those with whom I disagree. Again, Thanks

  3. “They are like a beautiful dress on a mannequin, striking, but when I try them on, just not right for me, right now.” This analogy is so fitting (no pun intended there!) Your ending description of all that reflect and reflection can mean is powerful. I found myself rereading those last paragraphs again and again. I am struck by the idea of reflecting others amazing work – what a gift you/we can give others when we “notice and give things power”. What a great slice with layers upon layers about how reflect can guide you through 2019! Thanks as always for sharing! Your ideas are reflected in my work!

  4. Thank you, Susan, for writing this slice today. This is what I needed, today, as my nest begins to empty again, and I’m left with just an empty sort of feeling. The reflection about the last three weeks is helping. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you!

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