Time for Take Off #sol18

IMG_2366Time for Take Off #sol18

As I left our ‘kick-off’ day yesterday contemplating the presentation and all that the beginning of a new school year means to me and to the students and faculty I’ll encounter this year,  a white trail from a rising plane crossed the beautiful summer sky.  It moved so effortless across the expanse, nearly out of my sight before I reached the road.  This sight made me contemplate how that take off seems so effortless from a distance, but from my seat in an airplane, not so much.  That initial lift off, for me,  is fraught with that catch in my stomach,  the fleeting sense of what if’s.  The acceleration, each bump, jolts me into the reality that this huge machine filled with humans and jet fuel is being flung into the air.  Yet each time, in mere seconds, we are airborne.  The view is amazing and I take that next breath I didn’t know I was holding.  It’s exactly like every single school year beginning I’ve ever had.

So with all that in mind,  I contemplate the ‘take off’ of another school year.  I fill my heart with a summer full of learning, smiling, and refilling my own tank and then I plunge into that perfect collection of rooms and first day outfits and promise that is the beginning of a school year.  Here’s what I carry with me this year.

What if?   The beautiful questions that Debbie Miller so wonderful poses in her new book, What is the Best That Could Happen?, invite more questions.  What if we fail?  Oh, what if we succeed?

The moves don’t have to be big.  Tiny small trials and efforts can make a ripple of difference that we might not see at first.

Relational moves.  Our superintendent asked us to think about relationships that we had formed that changed everything.  Every relationship changes everything.  Again from Debbie Miller, Teaching is about relationships with children not rigid structures.

Thinking about those relationships, I consider my mantras from last year:  noticing and sharing.  The more I notice those around me, their feelings and their struggles,  their successes, and their desires,  the more I can help them move forward.  The more I share the stage, the pen, the work,  the more of us will rise.

So here we are at the take off.  It may feel a little bumpy. Let’s fill our hearts with ambitions and be brave… The journey is worth it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.32.28 AM

Thank to Two Writing Teachers and a host of Slicers that inspire me every day.  Read more slices here.






4 thoughts on “Time for Take Off #sol18

  1. You summed up my thoughts exactly! Thank you for the analogy between the start of the school year and a plane’s lift off. No matter how much preparation we do, it never feels like enough. Have a wonderful launch and best wishes for great relationships!

  2. “So here we are at the take off. It may feel a little bumpy. Let’s fill our hearts with ambitions and be brave”

    Today we watched two video, the lyric video of the Sara Bareilles song, “Brave”, and the actual video of the song. We talked about the meaning behind the song. We need to learn to find our voice, and simply to be brave. This could be applied directly to teachers as well (myself for certain). We need to be brave with our students and ourselves to show our students not only how to be students, but people.

    Thanks for this slice! 🙂

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