The Teaching Point #NPM2018

IMG_0729The Teaching Point

April 4, 2018

A Found Poem

Today I want to teach you

Writers look closely

  Teach people even more

Then they put into words what they’ve learned


Writers,  I want to show you

  The first thing I notice

Do you notice anything else?


Writers, do you see?

 If we look closely

   Pictures can spark us.


Writers,  I want to share some things

 I thought that was so great

  He wrote


I also overheard

She told

She also used a few words

 Nice work!


Writers, I know you

 Have so much you want to do today,

So I’m going to send you off now.


I will add this strategy

 Remember to use all you know

Get started!   


This found poem is from the Nonfiction Chapter Book First Grade Unit of Study from IMG_0729.JPGCalkins.  Distilling the words in this way, gave me a stronger perspective of what we are trying to accomplish in first grade or any writing instruction.  

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