Grocery Lists of Dreams #sol18

Grocery Lists of Dreams


March 27, 2018

Today I am going to write about something completely different. Today,  I introduce you to me,  food blogger.  Oh,  none of those step by step things, just a girl, a list, and a plan.

In my dream world,  I am a food blogger.  I test recipes and post amazing instagram pictures of food that I make. I am a woman with a subscription to several cooking magazine and a love for food blogs. My instagram does have quite a few food photos, but as they say,  I’m not going to quit my day job anytime soon.

On the weekends I plan our next week’s meals.  I make a list that currently looks like this.  Some things to note here.  The circled recipe on the top is one I bought the ingredients for and have yet to make. Sometimes life happens.  Meeting candy is written twice on this list.  Forgetting candy for curriculum meetings that I host is very  bad.  Today I remembered that one teacher loves Cadbury Mini Eggs.  extra points That odd note under Friday reminds me that on Easter there are always sweet rolls shaped like bunnies.  Saturday is blank because on Saturday,  I am wined and dined by my number one.

The list is divided into crazy arbitrary sections that probably made sense in some Illinois grocery store, but only make tertiary sense in New England.  I wrote all the orange items on Saturday and then the pencil items after I looked a few recipes on the internet.  Sometimes I flip the days.

Sunday night I made the bacon wrapped tenderloinSorry no photo available.  

Monday night we had this

IMG_0939 Chicken Pot Pie Pizza.  I made it more difficult by not having precut vegetables or precooked chicken.  Still yummy.  Here’s what the critics said.

Mr.  K:   You know what you should do next time with this recipe. 

Me:  (Eye Roll)  You know there won’t be a next time. (I rarely remake anything)

Mr. K:  (unfazed)  Well if there were a next time, you should drizzle extra gravy on the top. 

Me:  I did this time. 

Mr. K:  Well,  you should have made more gravy.  You know there can’t be too much gravy.  Remember those Centerville Pies,  they come with a container of gravy.  You can’t have too much gravy. 

Me:  The Centerville Pies don’t have any gravy inside.  I made twice as much gravy as the recipe.  

Mr. K:  Well,  you can’t have too much gravy.  You know,  you could have bought a jar of that chicken gravy. 

Me:  (sigh)

The day before The Critic had purchased a peanut butter cookie at Starbucks.  I said, I can make peanut butter cookies. He said, This one has chocolate in the center.  Lucky for him,  he got these Classic Peanut Butter Cookies anyway.
IMG_0936I may never quit my day job and become a food blogger, but that cookie jar in the kitchen is always full and most meetings and Mondays at the school are accompanied by a home baked treat.

That critic doesn’t know how good he has it.






Maintaining my day job as a literacy specialist and slicer for now.  Day 27 of a 31 day writing streak in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Read some amazing blogs by my PLN, the other bloggers at Two Writing Teachers. 

13 thoughts on “Grocery Lists of Dreams #sol18

  1. Oh … every Sunday I make the same list. Very strange indeed! And the critics — let’s just say it often goes something like, “I did like it. Then you made it too often and ruined it.” I guess I need to learn from your I rarely remake anything rule. I also color code – but I am not always wined and dined. Clearly, I have some changes to make to my process. I could hear your voice and chuckled throughout. Fun post!
    4 days to go!

  2. One of my friends recently started a restaurant review blog. I love reading anything about food and subscribe to 3 food magazines myself. Love the list and you’re right, your food critic does not know how good he has it. Neither does mine!

  3. I suspected we had much in common, and this cinches it. I love kitchen futzing as a leading form of procrastination, which means I rarely cook the same thing twice for me and my own critic. The scripted dialogue in this slice makes an effective side dish to the narrative main course.

  4. I love your list! I make a list, but not nearly as organized as you by having categories. Usually the grocery store sale ads will determine what I fix each week. I saw the pot pie pizza and was intrigued, but then decided I don’t want my pizza to taste like pot pie. I am with your husband on the need for gravy. My husband accuses me of treating gravy like a beverage. You can’t have too much gravy when you have chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. 🙂 I have never thought I wanted to write a food blog, but I have done five posts this month related to food/recipes. I enjoy trying new recipes, and I will even repeat ones that are winners. Lucky staff to get homemade treats! I bet the critic does know he’s got it good. My critic is grateful for whatever I dish up.

  5. I love all your ambition and patience with the critic. My critic cooks also, so he can’t get too critical. He and I dream about being judges on some of the cooking shows! Thanks for the chuckles.

  6. Wow, you are seriously organized about your food planning. I go in spurts, and I do make the same thing more than once for sure. I love the conversation that you captured between your #1 and you about the gravy. I can defintely hear that banter!

  7. Food? Blogging? What could go wrong with this? Nothing!! 🙂 My wife is the “chef” in our family, and every once and a while, I’ll post a picture of her culinary creations. Otherwise, it’s pictures in a restaurant. Either way, what a great slice for us! 🙂

    And I agree with the Critic, you can’t have too much gravy! 🙂

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