When I Write #sol18

When I Write #sol18

March 23, 2018

I write predawn,

Ideas slipping through my thoughts

like clouds I want to catch.

I work through some,

but when my feet hit the floor,

they evaporate like fog,

only the mist of them remain.


Writing as part of the 31 day Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Check out some amazing stories at Two Writing Teachers.


9 thoughts on “When I Write #sol18

  1. This is such a lovely poem. I like all those related words–fog, cloud, mist. They really convey the nebulousness(is that even a word?) of ideas and the challenge of catching them on paper. Three cheers for morning writing!

  2. Beautiful image — I find those thoughts and ideas find their way back again. Sometimes they have changed or developed but somehow I still seem to be working on them.

  3. You’ve captured the pre-dawn writing incredibly well. All the words of nebulousness (I don’t think that’s a word – nebulaity? Nope.) really describe it. And not just pre-dawn – in the car, as I cook – anywhere a notebook isn’t available!

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