Armor #sol18

IMG_9241.JPGArmor #sol18

March 21, 2018

Armor:  def.  any quality, characteristic, situation, or thing that serves as protection

Dog bowl in hand.  Red plastic smooth against my hand.  (two scoops of medicated kibble, 2 tablespoons of canned food,  1 pill)

what’s on the agenda for today? 

Coffee carafe filling in the sink. Filtered water only. Beans from canister ground to right consistency.  Coffee percolating.

No literacy meeting,  teacher meeting at 7:30. 

Lunch, Refrigerator door,  corned beef today?   No kraut. On the side?  1 slice of bread seems plenty.

Meeting with parent and teacher at 8:20 this morning.  

Blog posted.  Read a few.  Visions of India, house sparrows, clotheslines.

Who’s facilitating the meeting? 

Weather report.  More snow on the way.

Can I be quieter?  

Favorite skirt. swirly blue.  Same black sweater.

Perhaps it was just last time.  She was surprised by information. 

Hair drying.  Head down.  Boots need polishing.

He’s made so much progress. 

Two bracelets.  Earrings.  What was that?  Five pieces of jewelry?

Blog idea.


Extra eye cream.  You look tired.  Two coats of mascara.  Why are my right lashes shorter than my left?  Lipliner,  then lipstick.

How do I look? 

Two bracelets.  Matching earrings.

What was that tip?  Five pieces of jewelry.  

Have a good day called from the stairs.  Coffee carafe, water bottle, lunch, handbag, book bag.

Bring it on. 


Writing as part of the 31 day Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Check out some amazing stories at Two Writing Teachers.


12 thoughts on “Armor #sol18

  1. You’ve captured early morning. It’s spare. Much may happen, but with brevity. Only after I’d reached the end did I wonder about armor, then go back to find yours.

  2. Love it — sounds like my brain. What is the five pieces of jewelry? That might be out of my ZPD for fashion. You can count today!

  3. I love this structure to describe your morning routine! I love how you weave in your inner thoughts and get as specific as 2 coats of mascara and 5 pieces of jewelry. You are ready! Bring it on!

  4. >Bring it on. <

    You've described my daily inner thinking….ok, maybe not, but this is a great format! I do love the last line in your blog as I do think that on those days where I'm ready take on the world! 🙂

    Thanks for the "thoughtful" slice! 🙂

  5. My favorite item was that blue swirly skirt, followed by blog idea and ?. It’s so easy to forget those fabulous ideas. Love this stream of your morning thoughts.

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