Introductions #sol18

IMG_9597Introductions #sol18

March 2, 2018

Just like me to skip over introductions the first slice and dive right into whatever fleeting idea comes through my head.

So…  by way of introduction… and backtrack…

Here I am in my capacity as one of the literacy coaches for my Massachusetts school district.  One of my favorite activities,  the yearly new teacher literacy induction annual selfie.  One of these years I’ll buy myself a selfie stick and this will be much better looking but perhaps not nearly as fun.

I refer to myself as a literacy coach these days, though others might use reading, specialist, or intervention in my descriptive title.  I answer to all, but my heart is in coaching.  I want to be a coach.  Coaches are funny, inspiring, tough with a soft heart, and mostly successful.  Coaches get right in there and inspire others to their best selves.  I don’t wear a whistle, but I have been known to sneak some sneakers into my daily look.

I’m in transition.  My principal says I can’t say I’m in transition anymore as I have been in this position in Massachusetts for eight years. However,  I left at least a good portion of my heart in the Chicago suburbs.  My wagon wheels still long for the ruts that were comfortable there including some trails to amazing pizza and frozen custard and hot dogs… and people.  I left behind our family including my man-child oldest and so many educators that formed by beliefs and watched my back.

I’ve been an administrator, but my passion is kids.  I am energized by them.  I adore their talk, their thinking, and their honesty.  I have a desk in our literacy center, but you’d be hard pressed to find me there during the school day unless it’s to find you a book.

I consider myself a reader first and never until recently ever entertained the idea I could be any type of writer.  I’m not sure what scarred me in my youth, but I’m guessing it was the five paragraph essay.  I remember in my undergrad and several rounds of graduate school laboring over writing anything.  I wanted to write like I talk and thank goodness this seems to give me an outlet and a forgiving audience to do that.

Technology is my partner.  I don’t know what I did before IPads and mobile phones and laptops brought me amazing things like word press and instagram and TWITTER.   I was experimenting with text-speech this morning in my car because there is so MUCH wasted time between that commute and when I’m in the shower WHEN I THINK OF SOME REALLY good ideas.  It’s frustrating.  My handbag and book bag and desk are full of notebooks for blogging, conferring, conferring with students, planning, scheming, and generally keeping track of my day.

So that’s me in a large nutshell.  Looking forward to a month of writing with you.


Day 2 of 31 day writing challenge. Thank you to my fellow bloggers for inspiration and encouragement and to TWO WRITING TEACHERS for creating this opportunity.  Read more amazing blogs and join the writing here.

12 thoughts on “Introductions #sol18

  1. I absolutely loved meeting you (again) in this slice! I just love the part where you say, “Coaches are funny, inspiring, tough with a soft heart, and mostly successful. Coaches get right in there and inspire others to their best selves. I don’t wear a whistle, but I have been known to sneak some sneakers into my daily look.” Your teachers must LOVE having you by their side. Kids too!

  2. Welcome, Susan! Love technology and also hate wasting a minute. I use travel time for Voxing with several groups/tribes. With the blue tooth connection in my car, it seems less like wasted time and more like “found time”! And now I’m curious about which part of the Chicago suburbs you come from . . . as a neighbor to the west!!!

    • I lived for 15 or so years in the Northern suburbs, Palatine and Fox River Grove. I am originally from southern Illinois. Moving to the east was a big change for me as I had been a midwesterner my whole life. It’s beautiful here, but as my husband says I don’t think I’ll ever have muscle memory for the place.

  3. Love the introduction and the selfie!! You are a coach through and through!! I love learning from you – your energy, your inquiry, and your willingness to give things a go!! Your voice really came through in this post – I found myself giggling several times…

  4. Welcome! Why didn’t I think of an introduction post? Maybe that’ll be my slice one of these days. You seem very passionate about the work you do. I connected to you when you said you’re rarely found at your desk. I got rid of my desk this year and have a very small space to call my own in my classroom. It’s been a hard adjustment however it’s been great to be with the students even more and have them approach me even more.

  5. I didn’t do an introduction post either — I’ll make it happen in the next few days. And I so relate to your acknowledgement of being a reader but not considering yourself a writer. I have found a lot of strength in the five paragraph essay; it’s served me well, but not, in any way, allowed me to think of about voice (just structure & evidence, evidence & structure). So it’s a tool I rely on (still — at 52!), but Slice has allowed me to tentatively grow so many new writing muscles.

    I’m also a coach, so I’m putting “write about coaching” on my list of topics, too — thanks for giving me so many good ideas this morning!

  6. This is so great and wonderful to learn about you. Your line about not considering yourself a writer is one that resonates with many of us in this slicing community.
    I can so relate to the dive right in that you mention. You’ve given me an idea for a near future slice. Thank you.

  7. Well, hello! I’ve been following your posts, but this really helped me to know who you are. I’m sorry the 5-paragraph essay kept you away from writing for so long; your voice is warm and genuine. I quite enjoy it, just the way you talk.

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