Sunrises #sol18

IMG_0708Sunrises  #sol18

February 27, 2018

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in my time but they are all still such a miracle.  I can never quite catch their beauty in my lens:  all the colors,  the gradual changes, the anticipation,  the hope.

That is how I feel today.,  just like that sunrise:  starting some gradual change, anticipating, and more than a little hopeful.

The team usually shifts a little after each round of assessments.  As a teaching and learning community, we see things closer, on the horizon, and maybe even in the past that focus our vision and cause us to correct our course.

For the last several years, my ‘course’ has most often brought me to the intermediate grades, but in this season,  I am heading to a primary classroom for the first time in a while. There will be new students for me to develop learning relationships , new challenges, and new discoveries.

I look forward to noticing with a new collaborator in a new setting.  I hope it will keep me fresh as a practitioner, a colleague, and a teacher.  New situations take time.  We adjust, we change, we learn.  Gradual is good.  Noticing elements, taking time, developing relationships to grow on. We are fortunate as teachers, students are almost always welcoming, open, and so honest.   I can’t wait to see all the colors of these new journeyers,  relish learning through their eyes, share joy.

So good luck to me.  May I continue to learn.  May I help others learn as well.   Today,  this morning,  I am full of anticipation, and hope… and joy.

3 thoughts on “Sunrises #sol18

  1. Yes! I know this feeling as well! I enjoy my new “sunrises” as it continues to give me a new perspective that I know I wouldn’t normally get if I were in the classroom everyday. It must be even more interesting when the perspective is as varied as yours, what with going from intermediate to primary levels. Good luck on this new course of yours! Thank you for sharing!

  2. So glad to be on that journey and the March journey with you!!! Onward…. see you on Thursday!!! You are going to get me through this month –right??!!

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