Having New Eyes

Marcel-Proust-Quote-having-new-eyes-AnExtraordinaryDay.net_ (1)Seeing with New Eyes #sol18

January 30, 2018

I have a morning routine.  I’m sure you do too.  Mine is lengthy.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been my routine for quite a while.  Nothing really changes it.  Lunches, coffee, dog walking, social media, shower, makeup, earrings.  You get the idea.  This morning it was snowing.  Snowing puts my husband on edge.  To his credit,  we have a fairly steep driveway sloping down toward the garage and I own a Prius.  He came into the bathroom and said,  you should stop worrying about how you look and worry about getting out of the driveway.

I was thinking about that on my way to work today.  How often am I (and others) worried about the wrong thing.  Well maybe not the wrong thing, but certainly let ourselves be distracted either by routine, habit, or a distracted vision.

When do we allow ourselves to see with new eyes?  In almost every classroom situation I can recall,  nothing is really wrong.  The students and teacher are relatively happy.  The work moves fairly smoothly.  Most students are making more than adequate success.  So why would we gaze with new eyes?

Someone told me recently that it’s more difficult for teachers to change when they have seen relative success than when they feel like they are under water.  Perhaps it’s true.  Perhaps it’s something else.  Perhaps when we start to feel a small quiet desperation we cling to the life raft we have.  That life raft might be what has worked for us in the past,  a quick fix, or mimicking what we see around us.

All dedicated teachers can feel the shift.  That moment or insight when you sense you have to look at something differently.  Often,  it’s just, that’s not working.  I have to shift this or that and give it another try.  Occasionally, it’s more than that. I’ve been letting myself (my class, my room, my teaching, my view)  shift too far from my compass point.  

This is the defining moment when we say to ourselves.  Safe, be darned.  Status Quo, adios.  New eyes…   What’s that saying?  The cracks are where the light gets in.


4 thoughts on “Having New Eyes

  1. True on two fronts for me. First, I definitely focus on the wrong this OFTEN. Sometimes intentionally, other times not. Secondly, the shift we are trying to make as a team is to start thinking about what a student CAN do and go from there, rather than zooming in on what they can’t do and solely thinking about RTI. Thanks for this lens of looking.

  2. Love it… I noticed baking was not on the list! Now that is important based on what I ate yesterday! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. New eyes…

  3. My eyes — new or not — are carrying contexts for change: “It’s more difficult for teachers to change when they have seen relative success than when they feel like they are under water.” That line strikes a chord with my current circumstances… Meantime, hope your driveway descent proved uneventful!

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