Sweet Dreams are Made of These #sol17

Contents of my Bedside Table
March 31, 2017
IMG_8555Philosophy or Reading or philosophy of reading.     xxoo

IMG_8436 (3)31-day-streak-with-border

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers and the March Slice of Life Challenge Community for inspiration and encouragement.  Read their amazing blogs here.

This is Day 31 of 31.   Comments I’ll cherish are clipped into a folder.  My blog fodder journal remains in my handbag. My heart is full.  Read some of my inspiration here.

Where’s the Joy?

Assessment in Perspective

Reading to the Core

Midwest Heart in Dixie

Melanie Meehan

Cast of Characters


6 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are Made of These #sol17

  1. I love how your closing entry in this month-long challenge is a stack of more ideas. Just ’cause this year’s Slice of Life Story Challenge concludes doesn’t mean the end of reading and writing. There’s always more fodder 😉

  2. I am so glad you are blogging and you joined SOL challenge. I hope you continue on Tuesdays –you have so much to share. Thank you for your comments and inspiration as well — I am learning so much from you personally and professionally – that combination is hard to find!!

  3. I’m still riding the waves of SOL17. 🙂 Your words — “My heart is full.” –describes how I feel at the end of this 31-day journey shared with so many wonderful writers. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays.

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