Lily, the People Whisperer #sol17



My Dog is a Genius

March 23, 2017

I am not a dog trainer.  I am currently a co-parent of a sweetie pie of a black lab mix, Lily.  We are all constantly trying to ‘teach’ Lily to do new things.   She can sit and lay down very well.  She does a crazy version of high-five and ‘pound-it’. (My niece’s idea)  She seems to know lots of words.  Lately I’ve been trying to teach her to smile.  She only ‘smiles’ when gravity and the desire for a belly rub turn her on her back and gravity takes over. Our last dog could ‘dance’ and we are constantly trying to ‘teach’ Lily to dance too.  This consists of us dancing away in our kitchen while Lily looks on.  If she does anything that remotely resembles moving,  I reward her.  But, Lily knows herself as a learner.   She’s a good observer.   She’s knows when it’s time for dinner, her normal walk time, what our cars sound like on the street.  She recognizes the UPS truck and gives it a bark in warning every time. She knows when Dylan’s phone flashes, his girlfriend will be coming through the door soon. She talks to us with vocalizations, proximity, and toys.  She knows how to show us a good time. She loves to run errands … And she knows when it is Saturday.  Sometime in her young life with us, Bob started calling Saturday, Dog Saturday, because we had time to take Lily to the park to run or swim.  On Saturday morning, after our coffee routine is finished,  Lily begins her relentless quest to go to the park.  All the toys leave the basket and are deposited all over the living room.  Each of us gets a full body seventy five pound hug. She circles the coffee table a few times.  She looks out the window longingly.  When none of that works, if one of us gets up, she goes to the door and starts BARKING.  When we open the front door, she goes right to Bob’s car and waits.  If the garage door isn’t open, she waits at the back door until someone opens the garage.  So,  I’m not a dog trainer, but my dog definitely is a people trainer.

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.  Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.  Groucho Marx



Two Writing Teachers sponsor the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This is day 23 of 31. Read some amazing blogs here.

3 thoughts on “Lily, the People Whisperer #sol17

  1. I swear my dog speaks human — I say it all the time. I totally agree that she trains us. She actually greets my husband when he comes home and guides him to the basement to play. She brings such joy to all of us in different ways. Dogs really are amazing!!

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