24:7 The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging #sol17


24/7  The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

March 25, 2017

I write to figure out what I’m thinking.  Joan Didion

I’ve almost done it.  I have successful completed 25 blogs. (I have one on reserve #planner)



Here are a few of the things I wasn’t expecting to learn.

I wasn’t expecting to improve my writing skills. Writing is so much more than writing.

I wasn’t expecting a healthy emotional outlet, but thinking through things as  I write in my writing journal helps me work through them. Reflection is good, really good. 

I wasn’t expecting to build a habit, but I have, writing after work, keeping a writer’s notebook, posting and reading blogs in the morning and evening.

I wasn’t expecting to make a difference to others. My thoughts resonate with others.

I wasn’t expecting to gain confidence.

I wasn’t expecting for anyone to read my blog, but some did.  What a responsive PLN.

I wasn’t expecting to stretch my thinking, but I did.

I wasn’t expecting how much I anticipated reading other participants’ blogs, so many are the highlight of my day.

I wasn’t expecting the overwhelmingly generous support I received for my writing.

I wasn’t expecting SO much honesty.

I was expecting to realize that being a writer makes me a better teacher and collaborator. Teachers of writing should write. 

I wasn’t expecting to count down the remaining days and wish there were more.

It’s wonderful when something exceeds expectations.

I knew some things but now I feel them in my bones. 

I am proud to participate with the generous and wonderful writers of the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I stand on the shoulders of Giants. This is Blog #24,  read some really wonderful blogs here.

So many bloggers to thank for their encouraging words, amazing posts, and generous honesty.  My life is richer for reading your words.


4 thoughts on “24:7 The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging #sol17

  1. This was such a great post to start my day. I too have had an incredible experience – my first as a blogger – with this daily writing challenge. I have learned so much (a great deal of it from following your posts!). I’m going to go back and make a list like yours.

  2. Took the words right out of my mouth — that is why I am back this year (even though my sanity is being pushed to its limits!) I love everything about it and agree it has changed me as a writer. This community makes me feel more like a writer than publishing a book – truly. I hope you continue throughout the year on Tuesday ( and more on your own!) I love hearing your voice and learning from you personally and professionally.

  3. I agree with you that I have grown so much, tried out new styles, and appreciate writing even more from participating in the challenge. You did an incredible job noting how it has enhanced your own skills.

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