Time to Rally #sol17


Good to Great SOL #23

March 23, 2017

let your dreams be bigger than your fears and actions louder than your words. 


I drove home Tuesday exhausted.  Not from the hard work but from a challenge put in front of me. I didn’t handle the challenge well, speak well, or really react well.  I talked it over on the phone with my older son.  I told him I felt stupid.  I can’t remember ever really saying that about myself before now.  He asked me if I was too old or really not smart enough to understand.  Both of those things cut me to the quick.  I wrote yesterday’s post about it.  I didn’t find comfort in any of my comfort routines.  I walked the dog.  I changed my clothes.  I didn’t even want to cook.  I fell asleep in my reading chair at 8:30 p.m. without reading anything.  This isn’t me,  I always rise… or do I?

Students are limited by teacher’s comfort zones.  

If that is true then when I am limited by my comfort zone, the teachers I collaborate with are limited by that discomfort and so are their students.  In other words,  SHAKE IT OFF RIGHT NOW!  I’m a thinker and a planner,  so I’ll avoid a little,  read a lot,  think some more, and then get on with it.  If I am assisting in creating 21st century thinkers, classrooms, learning plans, and environments,  I have to stretch myself.  I have to find my own zone of proximal development and dig in.  My enthusiasm is directly connected to some other humans willingness to give things a go.

So for today,  I’m going to walk the dog, make some dinner, read lots of blogs, and some other things, and I’m not going to be old, or stuck, or even stupid.  I’m going to put on different glasses and view things differently.

As a union organizer I know said, “We should strive to make hope possible instead of despair convincing.”  If you want that in a more global perspective than my little pity party, watch the Black-ish episode called LEMONS.

and lastly,


good to great



Grateful to be part of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Thank you to Two Writing Teachers.  Read some exceptional blogs here.

7 thoughts on “Time to Rally #sol17

  1. This post really hit hard. I too am a planner, a reader, a thinker, and then a doer. I too walk the dog to relax and reset. I too sometimes feel frustrated and limited – sometimes by the things around me, and sometimes by myself. I hadn’t really thought about how my own limitations impact the limitations of teachers and students. I’m going to walk the dog this afternoon and give that some thought. Thank you for your always thought provoking posts.

  2. Love, love, love this! Your writing gets me thinking each and every day and for that I am grateful. I’ve shared several of your posts with our principal. This will be another that I share.

  3. Found you!!! Responding at night is tough… so many slicers!! You are really a talented writer — I love how you bring your voice to life. You bring the reader through every emotion with you. I think you are hard on yourself… I had no doubts you would find your way! This line — “If that is true then when I am limited by my comfort zone, the teachers I collaborate with are limited by that discomfort and so are their students” is everything. So much wisdom and truth in this line — I will remember and carry me with it every day! Thank you.

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