the space between #sol17

IMG_8441 (1)The In-Between Space

Thoughts on Change

March 22, 2017

Change is the end result of all true learning- Leo Buscaglia


While the weather could be the space between


snow on the ground and 55 degrees,  

this space between is

The metaphor

that gap you must leap

to change.


Change isn’t always easy

Even for the agents of change


Did i wear the right shoes?

Did i eat lunch?


What will I say next?


The in-between requires


And contemplation

But not too much


the in-between requires


And conviction

And trust


It’s always going to be

A hope

And a leap

in order to write this I changed my 


my boots

and my attitude. 


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This is day 22.  Read more here.

Thank you to Clare Landrigan for being a tremendous catalyst for change.  Read her posts here.

3 thoughts on “the space between #sol17

  1. I love this combo of epigram, seasonal imagery, and big thinking. (Plus, I feel like I’m professionally occupying the space your poem describes. Your heartening take strikes a chord.)

  2. Love this so much — thank you for inspiring me!!! I want to find a way to “publish” this and hang it in my office. It captures so many important ideas and feeling about change. I also loved the quote you shared the other day about liking change, but not like to change. Change is hard, but I do love the connection that is created in the process. In our role, I feel like we live in the zone of proximal development all day with brilliant, dedicated teachers. We learn, reflect and grow every single day. It is truly a privilege and honor to collaborate with schools. So glad you found some space — can’t wait to see how you fill it!!!

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