Truth Tuesday: ReWrite Your Job Description #sol17 #day21


inspire-curiosity-fbA Job Description for A New Century 

March 21, 2017

A few weeks ago, something Brian Rozinsky said on his blog,
A Cast of Characters, drew me in.   In his post, he directed us toward some ‘provocative’ videos, one of which was this Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about  curiosity .  In it, she says that if you don’t have one true passion,  forget about passion,  follow your curiosity.  Every day there is something that you are curious about, follow it. In the same chain, Glennon Doyle Melton explained in  The Most Valuable Thing a Parent Can Do for their Kids,  that perhaps parents have given themselves the wrong job description.

The intersection of these two truths hit me.  That’s what’s happening to some teachers,  they have assigned themselves the wrong job description.  In this job description, they have to be an expert, in charge, the guide, the cheerleader…   It sounds exhausting… and it is.

So what is our collective job description?  I can’t answer that for each of us,

but here is my stab at my one sentence job description.

To inspire curiosity, inquiry, wonder and agency  in those that cross my path through encouragement, questions, and resources.  

My coaching advice today…  follow your curiosity, find purpose, and on this day, rewrite your job description.


Elizabeth Gilbert 

So here’s my weird bit of advice: If you’ve lost your life’s true passion (or if you’re struggling desperately to find passion in the first place), don’t sweat it. Back off for a while. But don’t go idle, either. Just try something different, something you don’t care about so much. Why not try following mere curiosity, with its humble, roundabout magic? At the very least, it will keep you pleasantly distracted while life sorts itself out. At the very most, your curiosity may surprise you. Before you even realize what’s happening, it may have led you safely all the way home.

Dear Two Writing Teachers,  Thank you for assigning Brian Rozinsky to be my guardian angel.  He really, really is.

I am proud to be participating in the Two Writing Teachers 31 Day Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This is day 21.  You can check out some amazing blogs here.

6 thoughts on “Truth Tuesday: ReWrite Your Job Description #sol17 #day21

  1. Yowza. Thanks for the kind words, Sue. I am humbled and grateful. Near the end of a day that has been less than the best, your job description gives me both hope and renewed purpose. So glad you’re (still) here!

  2. I’ve been trying to write my job description for a few days now…..still struggling to get it just right (and to fit it into one sentence). Thanks for the inspiration!

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